RNC War Dodging Chicken Hawks

Veteran Veritas has been devoted to veteran advocacy  since the inception of  TC.com.  Seldom do I enter the editorial fray and ongoing polemic.

Advocacy in its focus on veterans affairs can be a rather large tent.

In this instance I am breaking rank with a self imposed policy.

I am in a state of high dudgeon over the deafening silence from the speakers at the RNC who are clearly under strict marching orders to not emit a word or a breath about War.

Our men and women in uniform, in sync with the combat veterans of  this nation, should be indignant, and not allow this convention nor the DNC  Convention coming up, to skate on a situation that both parties obligated our nation to for  a period  now exceeding the length of all American wars.

Not a peep of war. Is not the shame of this a stain that is akin to a national “Scarlett Letter?”

How in God’s name can we balance a budget when we are paying  for a wars on two fronts?

Billions of dollars a month are flowing to privateers who are essentially serving as mercenaries in a growing shadow government. Blackwater, simply changed their name, and we the taxpayers are paying their salaries. Does no one care? Can you not see the red herring tactic being fostered on America?

The level of distraction that is being fostered on the American people is unmatched in our history.

I have viewed every Presidential campaign since 1956. None were so absent of content at this one. All rhetoric, no plan. I suspect the DNC will ditto this mentality of avoidance.  Would you want the Armed Forces to operate in this fashion?

A suicide a day in the military, with no solution in sight. Worse yet, there is no concrete explanatory narrative.

I am offering one.  I believe this disjunctive, disconnected, dysfunctional set of legislators is creating an environment that is so toxic and so pervasive that these multiple tour soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, are classic canaries in absorbing this negative radioactivity that has permeated the entire nation.  While struggling with their own transition issues, they do not identify with the nation they just defended, and elect to bow out.

We have a collective responsibility to address every aspect of war, financial and spiritual.  Peacocking on stage in a state of denial only exacerbates the problem, and furthers the mythological fog that has enveloped these electeds in a way that mimics a Greek tragedy.

These are the most perilous times of my adult life.  This will not end with the election of a President.

This is a distraction racket with an end- game that transcends politics, all paid for with the booty from Citizens United Supreme Court decision.  Finding veritas, will, from this point onward, be like Diogenes going out with a lantern looking for an honest man.

How many men died in Afghanistan this week?

Agent Orange Clean Up in Vietnam

Note paragraph 4 of the link below and you will now know the whole reason for the Vietnam War.  Halting the influence of China, but it does not say why.  It is oil folks and always has been. Some of the richest oil reserves in the world are off the shores of the South China Sea. We surely did not fight there for rice. Oil and rubber. Now here we go again, with a good -hearted humanitarian front.  The very reason it used to said that the U.S Agriculture Department is really a division of the CIA.

So what if China does not like this idea? Are we going back again to protect their sovereignty and our oil? We are drilling there you know?

A former Geology professor at the UofA, Robert Casavant, confirmed with me several years back about the untapped oil reserves off the shores of Vietnam. Pretty good secret.

One may wonder how many oil wars we could fight at one time.


Dinner In Honor of Arizona Vietnam Veterans

To Arizona Vietnam Veterans, families & friends:

The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and the Arizona Military Museum in conjunction with the Department of Defense 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War is proud to host the 2nd Annual DINNER IN HONOR OF ARIZONA VIETNAM VETERANS at Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino in Chandler, Arizona on October 20, 2012. We are honored to have as Special Guest Speaker, Lieutenant General Claude M. Kicklighter, USA (Ret.), Director of the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War project.

AS WE DID LAST YEAR, WE PRESENT THIS EVENT AND DINNER TO HONOR THE SERVICE OF ARIZONA’S VIETNAM VETERANS. Our intent is that this event be part of the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War activities whose first stated objective is:

To thank and honor veterans who served in the Vietnam War, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action, for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States and to thank and honor the families of these veterans.

The affair will be a special experience including a Vietnamese Color Guard, a wonderful dinner, good music, some short speeches, some videos, TAPS, and a special presentation to Vietnam veterans. It is open to those who desire to honor Vietnam veterans. Registration and no-host bar are at 5:30 to 6:30pm when the program begins.  Business attire/casual or Army Class A or service equivalent is appropriate.  We look forward to seeing many Vietnam veterans, their families and friends. The dinner cost is $40.00 per person.  Unfortunately, the hotel can only accommodate 400 attendees, so we need your RSVP registration and check ASAP to confirm your attendance at this wonderful experience. Wild Horse Pass Hotel rooms are set aside for your convenience at only $99.00 per night, particularly if you’re travelling from outside the Phoenix area.  Just call the hotel for room reservations at 1-800-946-4452.  For other questions call 520-868-6777.

As a Vietnam veteran proud of your service or as one who desires to participate in honoring those who served in the Vietnam War, just mail your completed RSVP form with payment ASAP.   We hope that you will strongly support this meaningful event.

Colonel Joey Strickland, USA (Ret.), Director         Colonel Joseph E. Abodeely, USA (Ret.)

  Arizona Department of Veteran Services                    Director, Arizona Military Museum