Transcendental Meditation Retreat At Picture Rocks Retreat House

And to think, some of us old vets started meditating in the early 1970’s.  If Paul and Ringo can do can we. And who knows maybe you will end up on the Grammy’s!




The Transcendental Meditation program

Maharishi invincibility center • TUCSON, AZ   (520) 881-0110


We can hold a TM Retreat at the Desert Renewal Center

(Picture Rocks Retreat House) over the weekend of

February 28th- March 2nd

Would you like to attend?

(Or if you know someone or have a friend who’d like to attend. Call me!)

Enjoy profound knowledge and refreshing deep rest at a weekend TM Retreat at
Picture Rocks Retreat House, just north of Tucson, 5 minutes west of I-10, on Feburary 28th through March 2nd, 2014.

This is a lovely place in the desert—photos here:

The course fee is $385 for the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday after lunch.
New meditators attending their first Retreat receive a $50 discount so their course fee is $335.

We recommend that everyone have a single room in order to get really good rest.

A TM Retreat is a great opportunity to gain extra benefit from your TM.  Over the weekend you will enjoy extra TM sessions, great knowledge, an opportunity to discuss your experiences, and extra rest.  You will learn a simple yoga asana series that can be enjoyed before your TM.

People who attend a TM Retreat report feeling highly refreshed and revitalized after the weekend, and gaining extra appreciation of the value and usefulness of TM in their lives.

SPECIAL FOR NEW MEDITATORS – if you have learned TM in the last year, and this is your first TM Retreat, you’ll receive a $25.00 per night discount.
This makes the price for the weekend $335

Let us know right away, so we can reserve your space.


Denise and Joseph Gerace
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