Veterans Across America Black Out Walmart Black Thursday

There really is no need  for narrative or a rationale for veterans to boycott the trumping, and tromping of corporate greed. 

Is this why we put ourselves in harms way? To be able to tell our grandchildren that the largest employer in the United States is Walmart?  Do you really want to tell them?  Do you really want to tell them that the bargain toys you buy for them are checked out by clerks on Food Stamps?  We are such guppies, the next step will be to take food to the poor people who work at Walmart and get a discount on a Tonka Truck.

So lets get this straight, our veterans served our nation to come home to the celebration of a big Walmart tent party that promotes more of the already rampant consumerism that has become our new moniker, and only exists on the back of the exploitation of global labor.  America the beautiful……buyers.

Our water supplies are being bought up by international investment groups, like the Carlyle Group.  Forty-eight percent the resale homes in Los Angeles area were purchased by foreign investors for the new rental profiteering market, with the same investors entering secondary markets like Tucson. I am not certain this is what Adam Smith intended when he penned, “The Wealth of Nations.”

Walmart takes pride in their hiring of veterans.  A Staff Sergeant with maybe 5 years in grade, makes near $ oo with benefits. So that soldier is going to come home from the war and be tickled about a $12 @hr job.? Not only can that soldier not afford a one bedroom apartment on that pittance, but good luck with having a family. Walmart would have to hire the whole family to bring any integrity to the table.

Is this what we fought for?  Maybe  their computerized cash registers will all go down at the same time tomorrow, right in the middle of the Macy’s Day Parade.

God and the Pope could deliver the message in a breaking news interruption.  God would say, “Don’t make me come down there!”  “Walmart is not where you get my gifts.”

8 thoughts on “Veterans Across America Black Out Walmart Black Thursday”

  1. Really stupid story, Especially as Wa Mart do so much for the Veterans and Troops.
    I suspect the truth is the Author is anti WalMart or isn’t capable of finding a worthwhile news story.

  2. Michael Patrick Brewer,
    Must be fantastic to be a genius!!! Although I suspect you got you Spelling and Grammar at K Mart… WalMart is too advanced for you……… Perhaps you should ask Santa for a life long membership to Leapfrog…………….

  3. Interesting thing about water is the fact we don’t use it up. It simply changes form and eventually comes back. Maybe the Carlyle Group bought the stream leading to a sheep farm and a cattle ranch in the hopes of a bidding war. Any thought of real control over water for the entire populace is a stretch.

  4. Maybe the real reason for accepting a $12/hr job is not the pay but the opportunity. I know someone that started out as a part time dock worker eight years ago and recently bought a house on the golf course. They understood the beginning was not the destination.

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