Whose Side is Netanyahu On?

I watched the Prime Minister of Israel,Mr. Netanyayu’s entire speech on C-Span tonight. Never have I seen such a exhibition of disdain and irresponsible bellicosity that embodies the very taunts that troubles his nations security with Palestine. On how many playgrounds of war can you prop up your bully behavior without our grandchildren coming to your defense? Tell us where our United States sovereignty is at stake here. Tell us how this falls into the Just War doctrine.
The Ambassador from Jordan made a declaration of uncommon honesty on a recent Charlie Rose show, by stating, “this is our war.” “We need to clean up the hijacking of the Islamic faith.” Why did this get no ink in the Main Stream Media? Are they quietly complicitous in the intractable war machine? How has the production and distribution of oil to the Western world been extricated from all dialogues?
Does anyone recall the often quoted tirades of Bin Laden in 2002 leading up to our invasion in March of 2003? Most all of our broadcast news outlets ran his quotes over and over again to get us juiced up. He boasted, ” I will destroy your western financial markets as we did to Russia in Afghanistan.” So, is not the clear and present danger the breaking of the bank by maxing our budgetary tolerance while sacrificing nearly all viable job creation and infrastructure inside the United States? Does anyone recall that this caveat was at one time the dominant position of the seminal John Birch Society? This being the very reason to this day that they are adamant about vacating our unity with the United Nations. I am not of this ilk, however the warnings of the early Bircher’s is now prophecy in action, and the breaking of our bank with all the collective costs of war, inclusive of 35 billion dollars paid out annually to disabled veterans, is a tactic that unfolds as we sleep.

What is the tipping point for our war abacus? Are not the weapons of mass destruction the tens of thousands of traumatic head injuries from IED’s sent home one at a time? Sort of slow drip torture on both morale and the long term obligation to care for those who borne the battle. Are not the bad guys as much as interested draining our financial resources as much as battlefield victories? Did not the stalemate in Korea and the evacuation of Saigon teach us anything?
It seems that the learning curve for asymmetrical warfare is begging for attention.
Knowing that the track record of the last 50 years of Generals has not exactly been luminous, I would add my humble observation as an in the dirt Marine grunt squad leader.
The theatrics of Mr. Netanyahu have not a damn thing to do with Iran. The Hezbollah and Hamas are sitting on his border with rockets aimed at Tel Aviv. His conspicuous by absence mention of Palestine did not pass muster. He wants some help being a bully, but with impunity. He wants us to pony up our boys for a showdown with Palestine.
Why not speculate,no one including our own military Sanhedrin have ever guessed right yet in the Middle East since 1967.
Lets call the old owl Henry Kissinger and see if he can get one right.

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