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POW/MIA Issues Languish

I know this man. Mil Thornton. Airborne all the way! I too have been affiliated with the Run For The Wall. My son went with me on the ten day ride to DC, back in 2003. He claims to this day that he had never known the true nature of soldiering and the value of veterans to our nation. Ryan Brewer filmed the entire excursion which will one day be quite a collectors item.
We must never ever allow this issue to be placed on a back burner.
Hello Everyone.
I am attaching an excerpt out of the book and the website of ‘An Enormous Crime’ by Bill Henden. It is an account of the known fact that POW’s were left behind in Vietnam after Operation Homecoming and how it is a continued effort to cover up the fact by every Presidential administration since Carter. If you would like more information and are not convinced after reading these links that I’ve attached then I don’t know what it would take to convince anyone that the United States deserted our brothers in arms in Vietnam. I have read the book when it came out and continue to enlightin myself with it. I have paruzed the website for the colaborating documents that the authors put out to colaborate the infomation. This is what makes me continue the efforts with RFTW and Rolling Thunder to make our government accountable for the hundreds that did not come home with Operation Homecoming when the POW’s were released. We should never give up our fight to bring them home.
“Bring them Home
Or send us Back”

Census Bureau Statistics For Veterans

The 2009 Census reports 23.2 million living veteran in the United States.


1.8 million are female. 2.3 million are Black. 1.1 million are Hispanic. 463.000 are Asian, Native American Indian, Alaska Native, Hawaiian Native, Other Pacific Native.

18.3 million are White


6 million in peacetime.

2.6 million WWll,  with 182,ooo serving in both WWll and Korea

2.8 million Korea, with 245,000 serving in both Korea and Vietnam

7.8 million Vietnam  (33%) with 50,000 serving in both Vietnam and Gulf War

5.2 million Gulf War Veterans, with 740,000 serving in both Gulf Wars

There are 5  states with 1 million or more veterans.

Pennslyvania, 1 million. (the only state that officially recognized Vietnam Veterans with a $350 check)

New York, 1 million

Texas, 1.7 million

Florida, 1.7 million

California 2.1 million


There are 5.5 million disabled veterans. 3.4 million are service connected. And 2.9 million receive compensation for service connected disabilities for a total cost of $36.2 billion.

Last year we spent $84.4 billion on veterans benefits programs. $6.3 billion on vocational rehabilitation and related educational programs. $37.0 billion for medical programs.

And $40.2 billion was spent on compensation and pensions.

I often wonder if any nation comes close to our care for veterans. But then with us carrying most the load for cosmic security, I suspect not.

This is one veteran who has nothing but gratitude for the VA Health Care System. We are a lucky lot. Now if we can just not war, we would be pretty flush.